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Godspeed was designed by renowned Seafarer, Yacht Designer, and Author — Steve Dashew. Godspeed is the largest of the Deerfoot Line of Yachts by Dashew.

Godspeed exemplifies the concepts, conveniences and comfort written about in Steve's book, The Encyclopedia of Cruising. This book details many of the innovations, and logic behind Steve’s Deerfoot Line of Blue Water Cruising and Expedition Yachts.

Steve Dashew changed the world of blue water cruising sailboats when he introduced his Deerfoot line of sailing yachts. Dashew created designs that were fast, comfortable, safe and practical, all while keeping these yachts aesthetically pleasing. The Deerfoot Line of Adventure Sailing Yachts has become a benchmark for what is possible in a cruising sailboat.

Practicality was the cornerstone of the design. Dashew had extensive experience both designing these boats and cruising on them. Lessons learned over years cruising on the ocean were built into the design.

  • Of primary importance was the ability to cruise shorthanded, as Dashew preferred to cruise with his wife. Godspeed has been single handed numerous times under the present ownership. Few maxi cruising yachts can be handled easily and safely by a couple on a cruise, while entertaining another couple in style, comfort and luxury.

  • Electric winches make raising and trimming sails easy.

  • A variable pitch propeller adjusts to achieve maximum thrust in all sea conditions, makes docking easier by being able to select port or starboard prop walk, and increases engine life by being able to tune the engine to exhaust temperature for maximum efficiency.

  • A sophisticated fuel management system allows for changing filters while running, and an automated day tank for ultra clean fuel.

  • Most Lines are run to the cockpit so all sails can be trimmed from the cockpit.

  • The boom is clear of the cockpit for increased safety.

  • The 28.8 KWH House Battery is located in the keel where the battery weight contributes to the impressive stability of the vessel and enables the shoal draft of 6 foot, 7 inches. This sensible design has been proven through thousands of miles of offshore cruising.

Everywhere Godspeed Navigates she is complimented on her beautiful lines and the fit and finish of her craftsmanship. Once aboard visitors are quickly astounded by her functionality and live-aboard luxuries.

Current Ownership has enjoyed 22,000 uneventful miles, and hundreds of anchorages, cruising in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Godspeed Cruising Yacht

Due to the result of the incredible workmanship of Kelly Archer (N.Z.), the incredible wisdom of Offshore Passagemaker Steve Dashew, and the extensive improvements added by her current owner, Godspeed has become a measuring point for ultimate, blue water, cruising yacht design. She’s fast, seaworthy and fun to sail.


A new high modulus carbon main rig, carbon mizzen, and sails were added to Godspeed. The height of the mast was raised 12% (10 feet), and new custom larger sails were fitted. All new solid rod rigging was installed. Weight aloft was significantly decreased for better sailing performance.

Interior Layout

Interior Layout

Godspeed's Interior Layout is a work of art and functionality. . Her Pilothouse is a work of design genius. Walk through settees on either side.

Remote Steering Station

The Remote Steering Station is in a pod at the front of the starboard settee. All the automated functions of the boat are available within the pilothouse including engine controls and autopilot controls with helm.

Aluminum Hull

Aluminum Hull

Godspeed’s Aluminum hull is 6 mm thick for extreme toughness and durability, while cruising on the worlds oceans.

Pilothouse Windows

Pilothouse Windows

New Pilothouse Windows improve the look of the boat, while improving functionality. Super Clear 1/2 inch thick, grey tint plexiglass windows are molded onto the boat with synthetic rubber for the ultimate toughness and waterproofing seal.

Pilothouse Windows

Ultra Modern Styling with Swept Back Pilothouse Front Window and All Glass Panorama Windows.

The Engine Room

The Engine Room

The Engine Room features Ample Headroom, Work Table, Vice, Storage Shelves. 210 square feet of some of the finest equipment available to the yachting community. Most components are monitored. Each component has been vetted by experience for ruggedness and reliability.

Godspeed has been professionally cared with numerous upgrades and improvements to make her into an incredible Blue Water Sailing Yacht, capable of cruising the worlds oceans in comfort, style and speed.

Godspeed can enable your independence and give you mastery of the oceans of the world.

The Swim Step

The Swim Step

Long, Sleek Lines contribute to fast crossings

Long Sleek Lines


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